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Kris Toliao


Previous kitchen experiences include Michelin-starred Luce in San Francisco under chef Dominique Crenn, Kikunoi in Akasaka, Tokyo, a 2-Michelin-starred studying Kaiseki cuisine. Throughout his career, he has always been intrigued by spices and grains which are often seen on his menu.   

He has never called in sick at any school or job he's ever been at. We are not lying.


Yuka Ioroi


Previous industry experiences include Starbelly and Poleng Lounge, more focus on beverage. Also acting as Cassava's beverage program operator, she curates a small list with a focus on food friendly old world style wines, artisan sake, unique beers, session cocktails and coffee by Ritual Roasters.

Writes "life of a mini scale restaurateur" on Medium time to time.  Calls in sick all the time.


we only hire in one way.

We have a really unique way of hiring our staff.  Every single staff member starts in the dish room.  All of us do everything.  No job is beneath anybody and no job is above anybody.  We like people that have never worked in restaurants before.  Everybody shares in the tips.  Everybody works extremely hard.  Everybody cooks. Everybody serves.  Everybody makes amazing Ritual coffee.  Everybody has really high standard for food, service, and how to treat each other.  Everybody has everybody's back. 

There is no separation of Front of the House and Back of the House, because we are just "the House." After almost 5 years at Cassava, we are convinced that this method brought us the best possible people that we are blessed to work with today.