3519 Balboa St

San Francisco CA 94121


Closed Tuesdays

4/3/20 (fri)
little gem asparagus salad 
rancho llano seco pork chop
apple - almond cobbler
4/4/20 (sat)
spring veggie minestrone 
chicken parm on polenta
chocolate cake
4/5/20 (sun)
spring veggie minestrone 
chicken parm on polenta
chocolate cake

Hello friends, while this COVID-19 outbreak public health crisis happening, we are trying to adapt to a different way of offering you our food.

We have been told by our longtime neighborhood guests how they could use help with meal preparation, who are now stuck at home with children back from school while themselves working at the same time. "Family Meal for Four by Cassava" became an idea from this conversation and our effort to stay agile, thrive and survive in this unprecedented economic crisis.

As we are a small restaurant, we won't be able to compete with the pricing of bulk services that deliver to you. But rather, what you will get is a nutritious meal created by Kris using the same amazing ingredients from our local purveyors.  

We'll release menus and pick up day/time windows where you can purchase ahead of the time. Please know that there won't be a customization option.  Different days will have different proteins and ingredients. Keep watching so you can choose the menu that suits your dining preferences and needs the best.


Thank you always for thinking about Cassava's well being. We are trying everything in our power to stay open and keep our staff. We are not laying off anybody. They are still fully covered by Kaiser. Our beloved landlord that lives right next door needs this rent money for his income. We really want to keep it that way.


Love, Kris & Yuka