Thank you all for your support! After 1 month, we were able to meet the goal and more!

We are closing the campaign for the membership as of today, but we'll leave this page open as something to remember in the years to come :-)

We'll leave the gift certificate deals on the page ($105 for $30 x 4, $205 for $60 x 4) for people who are just recently hearing about our campaign.

Please look forward to GoFundMe contributor only invitations on our upcoming dinner events. The first one we are planning is a sake pairing dinner in May!

Please don't hesitate to use the gift certificates or discounts :-) We love seeing you all in here and every time we get to say hello to you personally it's always so special.

Thank you for the most amazing month in our memory and we are more committed than ever to work harder and do good for the community!

Kris, Yuka and the Cassava Team