TEmporary Closure notice

Hello dear Cassava friends, neighbors and beloved guests:


One of our dearest staff has sadly received a positive COVID test result on late Wednesday night, 9/2/2020.


He worked until the previous Saturday, August 29th with no symptoms, but then notified us of feeling ill on Sunday.

We directed him to stay home and schedule a COVID test ASAP and he was able to get tested on Monday 8/31/2020.


We have decided to close Cassava as of Thursday, 9/3/2020 until further notice. During this closure time, we are aiming to receive at least 2 negative test results for all staff who have come in contact with the staff during the week of 8/24-8/30/2020. 


We have contacted all guests with traceable information who stopped by and supported us between 8/24 to 9/2/2020. If you have stopped by to just say hello or grabbed something to go without ordering ahead, please take care of yourselves and get tested should you feel the need. Here are some links to book the testing appointments:


At this time, we do not have any other staff showing any symptoms. The patient is showing a minor lung pressure but not showing any fever or other symptoms as of today. We have been taking staff temperature daily ever since the reopening in June and none of us showed any fever so far.


Staff, public, and community safety has always been our number one priority since opening Cassava in 2012, and especially during this unprecedented time. Since the SIP order came on, we have been proactive with mask-wearing before the mandate, staff testing of every 2 weeks since it became available in San Francisco, through nightly cleaning, daily temperature taking with air filtration inside of the restaurant. 


This virus is real and it is living among us. Our dear staff member who is fighting this virus currently is somebody that's been taking everything extremely seriously and cautious with a mask on at all times since the SIP order was in place. He suspects he might have contracted the virus while riding the bus in the City. 


Please be careful and take care of yourselves and your loved ones, and do not forget that we are still in the middle of this pandemic. Thank you for all the support you’ve given us during this time and we hope to maintain your trust by handling this with the utmost care. We look forward to seeing you all again very soon. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments.  


Yuka Ioroi for the Cassava Team 

3519 Balboa St. San Francisco, CA 94121


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