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Little Gem + Apricot Salad

Chenin Blanc Sec,
Domaine Nicolas Brunet, Vouvray


Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Melon de Bourgogne Brut,
La Bulle de l'Ouest, Muscadet


Sea Bass ,
almond romesco sauce,
grilled summer squash,
fennel oil

Savagnin - Chardonnay,
Syvan Faudot, Arbois, Jura


Duck Leg Confit,
stewed gigante beans,
duck jus, mustard greens

Syrah, Etienne Pochon,
Croze Hermitage, N Rhone, France


Creste di Gallo,
basil - hazelnut pesto,
spring veggies, tomato

Pinot Grigio Orange "Ramato", Scarbolo, Friuli, Italy


Sweet Potato & Cream,
satsumaimo cornbread,
vanilla gelato, almond streusel

Elderflower Bliss


Red Wine Poached Pear,
chocolate covered
honeycomb cookies

Carpano Antica,
Sweet Vermouth

52 per guest
Beverage pairing option available for 36 per guest

SF Ordinance Surcharge of 5% and Service Fee of 20% will be added to your check in place of traditional tips, pooled and split equally among entire staff and to pay for benefits.

Please kindly limit up to 2 credit cards per table splitting equally.

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