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White Asparagus,
miso cured egg yolk,
shaved cured tuna heart

Michel Dervin

Maryland Soft Shell Crab,
pickled sea beans, hijiki ranch
anchovy garum

Usake Winter, Muroka Nama
Yume no Kaori, Fukushima

Baja Yellowtail,
green garlic, wild ramp,
fresh hearts of palm

Chardonnay, Bernard Millot,
Meursault 1er Cru, Burgundy

Spring Lamb Loin & Belly Pave,

wild ramp gnocchi,

fermented fiddlehead fern

Syrah, Vincent Paris,
Cornas, Northern Rhone

Sweet Potato & Cream,

satsumaimo cornbread,

vanilla gelato, almond streusel

Broadbent Madeira
Malmsey 10 Year

118 per guest
Beverage pairing option available for 68 per guest

SF Ordinance Surcharge of 5% and Service Fee of 20% will be added to your check in place of
traditional tips, pooled and split equally among entire staff and to pay for benefits.
Please kindly limit up to 2 credit cards per table splitting equally.

whole table participation only.
this is a set menu experience for food and pairing, and no customization is available.
for other choices, please refer to our a la carte menu.

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