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Weekend Brunch

10:00am - 2:00pm
Sat & Sun


BREAD BASKET                                                            12

house parker rolls, croissants,

marigold butter, house berry jam

CHICKEN LIVER MOUSSE                                        16

strawberry - kumquats relish, garlic confit,

picked onions

HOUSE YOGURT BOWL                                         15

whole milk yogurt,

oatmeal-almond streusel, fall fruits

LITTLE GEM & ARKANSAS APPLE                        17

fennel, carrot - garlic crisp,

dandelion - ginger vinaigrette

BUTTERMILK FRIED CHICKEN                              16

sous vide thigh meat, calabrian chili aioli, pickles

From the Griddle

FRENCH TOAST                                                        17

custard house pain de mie, apple marmalade, tarragon-condensed milk    

add scrambled eggs & bacon                   +10

BUCKWHEAT PANCAKES                                     17

lemon-anise hyssop curd, strawberry compote

add scrambled eggs & bacon                          +10

Main Plates

CROQUE MADAME                                               25

house pan de mie,

Devils Gulch black pepper bacon, comte cheese, sunny side egg, truffle cheese fries

AVOCADO TOAST                                                    17

house pain de mie, smashed avocado,

sunny side egg

add Palermo deli sliced prosciutto                  +7

add Smoked Salmon Rillette                              +10

BAKED EGG SKILLET                                             30

house lamb merguez sausage, yellow bell peppers, hash browns, San Marzano tomato sauce, baguette toast

PRIME RIB & EGGS                                                 36

8 oz prime rib seared medium, rosemary,

hash browns, 2 sunny side eggs

DUCK LEG CONFIT SALAD                                   29

chicory greens, shallot confit, plum- tarragon vinaigrette, fried egg

MUSSELS & FRIES                                                     28

PEI mussels, classic with white wine and butter, fries

JAPANESE BREAKFAST                                       32

koshihirari rice, swiss chard and chanterelle mushroom miso soup, shell poached “hot spring” egg, stewed hijiki, oven roasted salmon, fermented brussels sprouts, miso marinated broccolini, trout roe

add natto                                                                +3


MEYER LEMON POSSET                                        14

candied kumquats, meringue

RED WINE POACHED PEAR                                  14

chocolate covered honeycomb cookie

Please inform us of any food allergies and dietary restrictions that you have.

When the allergies are deadly, we may not be able to serve you.

We do our best to accommodate your request when possible and when integrity of the dishes are not compromised.

SF Ordinance Surcharge of 5% and Service Fee of 20% will be added to your check in place of traditional tips,

pooled and split equally among entire staff and to pay for benefits.

Please kindly limit up to 2 credit cards per table splitting equally.

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