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Equity + Quality = True Hospitality.

Since 2012, Cassava keeps asking this question: "Why shouldn't the kitchen crew and the servers get paid equally?"

By only inviting people with that priority for equity we keep gathering the most caring staff possible and creating a team that chips in anywhere help is needed.

By providing a San Francisco livable wage and fully covered medical benefits with a strict approach focused on prevention (including Covid protocols), we surround each other with happy and healthy people who enjoy creating memorable experiences for our dining guests.

As we continue to explore more about how our partners source and produce the ingredients we use, we learn that working with companies that don't allow exploitation gets us the best products possible.

By firmly standing up to the values we believe in, "No toxic masculinity, racism, homophobia, transphobia", we create the safest environment for people to work in and also to dine in.

On top of serving the cuisine Kris creates and the beverage selection Yuka curates, what makes Cassava special is our pursuit of what a perfect restaurant company for all involved can be.



5pm - 9pm
Closed Tuesday

11am - 1pm last seating
Friday - Sunday

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