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Why Cassava LOVes SpotOn: The Best POS System for Restaurants

Whether you are opening a brand new restaurant or seeking more efficiency, deciding on a POS partner is one of the most crucial decisions in the operation. We are excited to share our success with our partner SpotOn, and we love them so much!

At Cassava, we’ve been using SpotOn as our POS provider since 2022, and it’s been the best decision we’ve made. Our journey to SpotOn was driven by a challenging experience with our previous provider, Toast.

During the pandemic in 2021, one of our handheld terminals wouldn’t go online, and over $3000 worth of transactions wouldn’t batch. It took us over 40 hours of phone calls and nearly a month to get those funds deposited, which was incredibly stressful during such a critical time.

Our local Toast rep at the time was cold and unhelpful, even suggesting that we might need to be ready to give up those funds, which was absolutely unacceptable. Every interaction with their US reps, from setup zoom calls to phone support, felt like they were doing us a favor rather than genuinely trying to help. In stark contrast, their phone reps in Nicaragua were sincere and profusely apologized for their US colleagues’ lack of sympathy.

We chose SpotOn because our initial meeting with their representative left a lasting impression. With experience in fine dining, he demonstrated a genuine eagerness to create a POS system tailored specifically for our tasting menu restaurant. By using our menu as a test case, he designed an intuitive screen interface that significantly streamlined our daily operations, enhancing both efficiency and ease of use.

Here’s why we love working with SpotOn:

  • Amazing Corporate Culture: From the top executives to the customer service representatives in Mexico City, SpotOn's corporate culture is truly exceptional. Every interaction we have with their team reflects their dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

  • Outstanding Service: Whether it's our local rep who understands the unique needs of San Francisco restaurants or the friendly and helpful phone support staff, SpotOn consistently delivers top-notch service. Their responsiveness and willingness to go the extra mile make a significant difference in our daily operations.

  • Local Expertise: For restaurants in San Francisco, having local service and account representatives is invaluable. We’ve built strong relationships with our local SpotOn team, who provide personalized support tailored to our specific needs. Their local presence means they’re always available to assist us promptly and effectively.

  • Genuine Care for Customers: SpotOn is a company that genuinely cares about its customers and the health of the entire restaurant industry. They prioritize our success and well-being, offering solutions that help us thrive in a competitive market. Their commitment to our growth and sustainability is evident in every aspect of their service.

SpotOn’s dedication to providing exceptional support and building meaningful relationships with their clients makes them an indispensable partner for us at Cassava.

Please use the link below to learn more about how to bring SpotOn to your restaurant:


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